just started
last night she
watched Blow Up
a film recommended
to her by a tutor
directed by
Michelangelo Antonioni
she enjoyed the exploration
of truth and underlying violence
within the everyday setting of a park
where a young male photographer
comes to the eerie realisation
he may have captured
a man being killed
although the plot
intrigued B
she was not
impressed with the
depiction of female characters
and the sexual advances of the protagonist
were deeply unsettling and painful
B is thinking about this
as she enters
Dynevor campus
via the back entrance
past the mysterious bust
that emerges from the bushes
upon entering the reception
B is startled to discover
a body on the floor
curled up
in a
kind of
foetal position
B rushes over but
pauses just before she
reaches the hooded figure
she notices a name tag
attached to the wall
unknown artist
figure on floor
B’s heart beats rapidly
is this mass on the floor a person
or is it a sculptural depiction
the corporal object
is facing away
the wall
yellow raincoat
hood covering the face
she looks to the reception desk
but no one is there
she is alone
or not
if the hooded figure
is alive or object
B leans closer
she sees
a hand
that looks
all too human
it must be a performance
she tells herself
but then
a puddle
of red liquid
starts to emerge
around the yellow hood
she jumps back in pure panic
her eyes shoot to the empty desk
then flick quickly to across the street
to the Swansea city police station
she is frozen to the spot
B and the figure
are as still
as each other
B’s body is so stiff
she feels as though she caught
Medusa’s stare and turned to stone
she too has become sculpture
a sudden gust of wind
brings her back
it’s cause
a man
one of the doors
he bustles into the foyer
umbrella inside out and soaking
B tries to speak but no words materialise
the man is uttering about the weather
he is completely oblivious to both
B and the body on the floor
he walks straight past
without looking
at them
but then
as soon as
his head
it re-emerges
through the door
is that person dead or art
he demands incredibly sharply
B’s head turns slowly towards him
I could not tell you either way
retorts the concerned B
the man walks over
leans over the body
sticks two fingers into the hood
then inspects the information tag
it would appear it is both
he declares smuggly
who the fuck
are you
rebukes B
I am Dr Katnap
conceptual artist and coroner
pleased to meet you
he extends
a hand towards her
the hand that touched the body
B says nothing at all
walks out the door
and across the street
straight into the police station
to report this strange turn of events
seconds later I enter the scene
still a bit hungover
and trying to
I look at the body
then I look up in surprise
what the hell are you doing here
I told you to stay away
what have you
done now

A site specific writing for the exhibition 50fifty
Exhibited in the Swansea College of Art foyer
Oct 2019