The Bench

A5 Zine, 32pp, Stapled, B&W print + yellow overprint

Act 1: The tie-down

A former Russian Spy and his daughter were found unconscious on a bench in the small English city of Salisbury. It is suspected they were exposed to the nerve agent ‘Novichok’.

I am not so interested in the spy, but I am fascinated by the story of the bench, who by no fault of its own suddenly found itself caught up in this international fiasco. 


A5 Zine, 36pp, Stapled


A5 Zine, 36pp, stapled

The Absence of Knowledge in an Abundance of Information

A5 Zine, 24pp, stapled

What to do After a Death in England and Wales

A5 Zine, 28pp, stapled

Mostly Murder

Re-working of a copy of Sir Sydney Smith’s autobiography
Book procured from Swansea’s ‘Free Bookshop’, UK, 2013
Reproduced as A5 stitched zine, edition of 25
Disributed amongst the shelves of the free bookshop where the original was discovered